ray wright

I know I have one of his QSL cards in my archives.  I will try to find it and scan it here.  This is Ray Wright, WA7BSG, my Elmer.  I found out yesterday that he is now a silent key.  (I had just worked a commemorative station in Tuckerton, NJ, built with 1914 Goldschmidt alternators.  I remembered the dawn of my interest in early radio.  I Googled Ray.)  His obit said he loved teaching his kids and grandkids. He and his wife took in several foster-care children too.  I guess he liked helping people grow generally.  He made Morse code tapes for me, and he was the guy who came and administered my Novice exam as FCC examiner.  He talked hamming with me endlessly on the phone after that, he lent me two whole stations-worth of equipment, and he came over to do the dangerous antenna stringing. He even made sure I got the right ARRL book every Christmas. Where did that easy generosity come from?  I don’t know.  He must have been one of the Lord’s own.  I don’t think he was even aware he was being generous.  Nor did I, being just a kid.  Now I do.  I’m just heartsick.  But now’s my chance to learn from his example.

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