The Radio Ranch

This is a homebrew project I’ve wanted to get on the air for a long time.  It’s about the history of amateur (or ‘ham’) radio, partly as technical evolution and partly as a long eddy of fascinating and beautiful subcultures.  I’m a ham operator myself, have been for many years, and so this is hugely autobiographical.  It’s meant as a kind of thank-you to my Elmers, the several generous men who helped me get started many years ago.  It’s also professionally reasonable, since I teach history.

“Radio Ranch” comes from a Gene Autry potboiler for boys.  My summers were a lot like that, on a real ranch, where my elders indulged me in cowboy hats and antennas.

I’d love a QSO with you!  Please say hello, at  Or find me in 20-meter greyline most weekends, usually around 14.035, especially at DX contest time, when I’m looking for North Americans.


Duncan Fisher                                                                                                         MM0WXD                                                                                                                                        ex-WA7WXD

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 12.49.18

Picture:  Boys’ Life Magazine, February 1956




tags:  amateur radio history, ham radio history, history of amateur radio, history of ham radio

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